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Embryo Transfer...


Why RVSW...


Assisted reproduction in the mare is the sole focus of Royal Vista Southwest! We provide the kind of detailed care for your donor mare that will maximize her reproductive efficiency, through nutrition, preventative health care and a low stress environment. Our highly experienced and well trained staff, focused solely on reproduction, treats each mare as an individual and recognizes her particular needs or difficulties. We welcome the challenge of managing mares that have previously been reproductively unsuccessful.


Our experience and expertise allows us to achieve the highest possible success rates. Royal Vista recognizes that its success is dependent on its large herd of quality recipient mares that are screened for reproductive soundness, fed a nutritionally balanced diet, and maintained under a preventative medicine program. RVSW is also committed to providing the best possible client service and communication in the business.


As a result of using quality recipient mares, attention to detail, and an experienced staff, our high success rates allow us to offer a LIVE FOAL GUARENTEE that is unique in the industry.


The end result is the same:
Special foals with not one, but two, very special mothers.




Embryo Transfer Contract - Download the current 2018 Embryo Tranfer Contract here. You can fill it out and fax, email, or mail back to us. Also included is ALL the needed paperwork for your mare coming to Royal Vista Southwest.



PLEASE NOTE - As you may know, our contract has not changed since our inception in 2001.  Through changing economic times and a strong desire to remain a leader in Embryo Transfer, both in success rates and client satisfaction, we feel that these changes will allow us to continue to have competitive pricing and be a stand out in customer service. We are one of the only facilities that offer a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE, and now it gets EVEN BETTER!!! ALL PREGANCIES will now have a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE with no additional cost to you!!!


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Donor mares come from the best of every breed nationwide. They race, show and perform in every arena imaginable. They produce foals through embryo transfer for a variety of reasons.


*Performance Career - Embryo transfer allows a mare to produce foals without interrupting a performance career. Early season and well-timed mid-season transfers can work around race and show schedules.

*Multiple Foals - Embryo transfer allows a mare to produce more than one foal in a given year. Two to four foals in a year is realistic for most mares. Through producing multiple foals a breeder can maximize the genetic contribution a mare can make to a breed over her lifetime. A mare could produce multiple foals for one registry or foals for more than one registry.

*Inability to Carry to Term - Older mares have age-related problems that may prevent them from carrying a foal, such as poor uterine environment, cervical tears, soundness problems, etc. Some younger mares may be unable to carry a foal due to injury, physical condition or poor fertility. A mare with a history of repeated abortion may be an ideal candidate for embryo transfer. The healthy environment of a surrogate/recipient mare's uterus can give these foals a proper start.

*Late Foaling - Embryo transfer enables a late foaling mare to produce yet still be free for an early breeding date the following year.

*Reduced Stress - An owner may not want a particular mare to go through the stress and physical risks of foaling. With embryo transfer the recipient/surrogate mare takes that natural responsibility.



The Process...

The Embryo Transfer begins with breeding the donor mare (the mare "donating" the embryo). Bred as usual, she is monitored with daily ultrasounds to establish the exact ovulation date (when her egg is released). At the same time, the recipient mares (the mares potentially "receiving" the embryo) are also monitored by ultrasound.


Recipient and her foal

Royal Vista looks for mares in the herd whose reproductive cycles match the donor mare. Seven days after the ovulation date the donor mare's uterus is flushed. The fluid from her uterus is run though a special filter cup designed to isolate theembryo. The flushed fluid is thoroughly searched for an embryo under a microscope. A 7-day embryo is approximately ¼ to ¾ millimeter in size. It is just visible to the naked eye.


The embryo is then packaged for cooling andshipping to Royal Vista for same-day delivery. Upon its arrival there the embryo is promptly transferred into a waiting recipient. If the donor mare is bred and flushed at Royal Vista, as soon as the embryo is found it is washed and transferred into a waiting recipient mare.