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Undergraduate Internship...


Royal Vista Southwest is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for students interested in furthering their skills and knowledge in a world renowned equine reproduction facility located in the "quarter horse capitol of the world."


Interns will have the opportunity to learn theory relative to parturition, embryo vitrification, embryo flushing, qualities of the ideal embryo, donor and recipient mare cycle management, handling frozen semen, neonatology, and treatment of various wounds and diseases from the nations top assisted equine reproduction veterinarians such as Dr. James Bailey, a pioneer in the field.


Students can expect to assist in embryo flushing and transfers, foaling, deep uterine insemination, neonatal treatments, and other specialized reproductive procedures that are performed on a daily basis at the fast paced business that focuses on mare management.


Their responsibilities may include:

• administering oral medications
• performing maintenance of medical instruments and supplies
• assisting in business office as needed
• supporting veterinarians in daily palpation schedule
• assisting veterinarians during embryo flushing
• working with veterinarians to monitor health of young foals
• observation of mares and assistance in parturition during foal watch shifts
• assisting technicians in running various laboratory tests
• handling foals, weanlings, and adult horses for medical procedures
• On call availability for assistance with ship-in embryos, emergencies, and arriving/departing horses


The selected interns will commit to a six month January-June stay that gives the student a well rounded education as they rotate through different areas of the practice.


Housing is available on the scenic property, which allows the intern to be involved with various emergency and medical treatments that occur after hours.


To apply for the internship email your resume to

2020 Spring Intership Recipients Announced!!

Congratulations to these outstanding applicants that were selected to take part in our internship program. We had numerous applications and would like to thank all of those who applied and spread the word about this opportunity to see what a large assisted reproduction is like from the inside.

Julia Benavides - Michigan State University
Rachel Hutchins - Kansas State University
Erica Hardway - University of Florida
Destiny Weeks - Middle Tennessee State University

Testimonials from Past Spring Interns:

"The RVSW internship program is by far one of the best undergraduate programs in the country. The experience gained is incomparable to most programs just due the facilities sheer size. The program offers what many others do not the ability to work closely with veterinarians who not only love what they do but teach it well. Having the veterinarian’s constant presence makes Royal Vista a great learning environment by consistently challenging its interns to reach for more, and stimulate them in a hands on environment. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship." -- Stephanie Sansone

"The internship program at Royal Vista Southwest is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences in the equine industry. All of the veterinarians and staff are welcoming, enthusiastic, and excited to pass on their knowledge to interns. It's an amazing and extremely supportive environment to work in and I know I can always count on them if I have questions in my career. I'll always recommend this internship and am so very thankful for the opportunities its given me!" -- Katelyn Siegel


"The RVSW Undergraduate Internship is one of the strongest internships in the nation because the size of the business is paralleled by the involvement of the veterinarians and staff in meeting the individual learning goals of the student. It is very stimulating to work with professionals in the field that welcome interns and are dedicated to teaching them physiological theory as well as practical skills they need for the future."-- Megan Born


"All that I am learning is only confirmation that equine reproduction is the area that I wish to work in. This area of study fascinates me….I believe that RVSW has a great internship program. Everyone here is warm and friendly making it a great work environment. Interning [here] has improved my knowledge of equine reproduction immensely. My internship at Royal Vista Southwest has truly been a life changing experience." --Christina Gosch